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picRanjani is a fascinating dancer and a Salsa dynamo. Her style of dancing is characterized by  Musicality, Spontaneity and Sensuality. Ranjani has an Indian Classical Dance background. Having started with Bharathanatyam at a tender age, she pursued it for most of her teenage years. This strong foundation shows through in her dancing and she is a pleasure to watch on the dance floor.What many people would not know is that, in addition to dance, Ranjani is also a Fashion Designer from NIFT.

Six years ago, she fell in love with Salsa. So when Salsa became an addiction, she took it one step further by becoming a trainer, certified by Edie the Salsa Freak (USA).

If dancing was a mode of communication/speech, then today she is well versed in the Latin languages of Cha-Cha and Bachata apart from Salsa of course.

Currently, she is training in Ballet, Modern and Yoga .

In addition she also had the opportunity to rub shoulders and attend workshops of internationally acclaimed dancers like

  • Juan Matos of Fogarate Dance Project (Italy),
  • Junior and Emily of Amicitia Dance Company (USA),
  • Ricardo and Vivianna of Fundacion artistic Stilo Y Sabor (Columbia),
  • Eider and Luisa of BNF Dance Company, (Dubai),
  • Ricardo Tellez and Tianne Frias of Rica Salsa, Bay (USA),
  • Dave and Zoe from America’s Got Talent and many more, taking every opportunity to improve her dancing and knowledge at every step of the way.


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